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Welcome to HT Fashion Eritrea

HT Fashion

Habtom Tekleab is the owner and founder of HT Fashion. HT Fashion has been in business for the last 2 year, employing 14 people in the local fashion industry. Each unique article of clothing is designed from scratch, with everything being made in-house. The fabrics used are not only from Eritrea, they are imported from different countries around the world. Affordable men’s and women’s wear are available, with each piece being original and handmade.

The Founder

Habtom has been operating on his own for the past 11 years. His family has a long history in the tailoring industry. Habtom’s father, Tekleab Negash, was a private tailor by trade, and was recommended by name throughout the city for his traditional clothing designs. Habtom followed in his father’s footsteps and decided to expand from only traditional styles to include modern wear as well. He opened the HT Fashion showroom in 2008.


Ht Fashion encompasses a stylish combination of modern and traditional clothing. Traditional Eritrean clothing like the agetebab (for men) and the gabi & netzela (for women) can be either stylishly modernized or kept purely traditional as per the desires of the customer.
Wedding clothing designs provided by Ht fashion include both modern and traditional men’s suits, wedding gowns, and bridesmaid gowns.
Other ready-made/ tailor-made clothing provided by HT Fashion for men include sweaters, trousers, and a variety of shirts (dress shirts, long sleeved shirts, T shirts, and undershirts). Clothing for women includes dresses (short and long) formal and casual wear. Ht Fashion also sells accessories such as bags, purses, and shoes.
We also sell Eritrea-themed clothing. These are articles of clothing combining traditional clothing and fabrics creatively integrating the national flag.



Shenen - Fashion Night - Massawa

Shenen - Fashion Night - Massawa